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Afilliate Scheme Information
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What is your affiliate scheme?...
Our affiliate scheme is a scheme where you earm a referral commission on every completed sale that you refer to us.
We supply you with a unique piece of code that you can add to your website, when people visit our website after clicking on your link it is registered and any purchases they make are recorded. You will get a percentage of the sale value.
Simply add the code to your website, sit back and wait for the £££ to start coming in.

How much can I earn?
It sound's easy to just sit back and wait for the money to roll in!!
In reality, it's more indepth than it sounds as you will have to promote and market your own website. If you already have a busy web site with lots of visitors then this will be easier than starting a brand new website from scratch!
Some business's are based solely on affiliate schemes, some companies make 100% profit purely from affiliate schemes like ours.
In short there is no answer to this question, the results depend solely on yourself and how much effort you put into promoting your website and how many people you refer.
Referring one people a month is never going to make you rich but if you convert over 10 sales a day there is potential to make a good income purely from our affiliate scheme.
The more people you refer the higher your commission rate is!!!

How do I sign up?
Simply visit our affiliate registration page
Fill in a few details about yourself and your website and submit your online application to us. Please allow approximately 3-5 working days.
We will email you with log in detials once you have signed up.

What percentage do you pay
We have 3 different affiliate levels, the more customers you refer the high level your affiliate account becomes.
For affliate that only refer one or two customers per month the affiliate is our standard percentage. Higher referrers obviously will be given a better reward.
Below if a break down of the different affiliate levels and different percentages that will be paid and roughly how many sales are required.
All percentages are worked out minus postage costs.

Standard / General Affiliates - up to 49 conversions per month:
1st Tier: 35 percetage - No 2nd Tier

Gold level Affiliates - 50 to 99 conversions per month:
1st Tier: 50 percetage - 2nd Tier: 8%

Premium level Affiliates - 100 + conversions per month:
1st Tier: 60 percetage - 2nd Tier: 10%

How often do you pay out?
We pay out on a monthly basis but it depends on the sales.
If your account has generated enough sales to meet the minimum payout you will be credited on a monthly basis.
You do have an option, you can wait for the payout or you can request an immediate payout.
We can pay you by either cheque or bank transfer.

Do you have minimum payouts?
Our minimum payout is £100.00. We only enforce this for new affiliates, this stops fraud and customers looking for a cheap supply of pills.
Each month we will process commission sales, If you have not reached £100 minimum we will carry over your commission to the following month. We will keep doing this until you reach the £100 required.
If you decide you no longer want to participate in the Affiliate program and would like to cancel your account but have not reached the £100 minimum we can pay out any money owed at out discretion.
i.e If you have several transactions amounting to £37.85 then we will pay out out and cancel your affiliate account.
i.e If you have just 1 or very few transactions and £6.20 we will check to make sure you are a genuine affiliate. We will not make payouts for low amounts or accounts used to get 1 or 2 items slightly cheaper than a retail customer.
Our affiliate scheme if designed to make money for our partners and affiliates, it is not set up for retail customers to get a couple of pounds back on sales.

Do you offer a 2nd tier scheme
Yes, we offer a 2nd tier affiliate system to our partners that have a higher sale converstion rate.
You can recruit affiliates for us on our behalf and take a percentage of their sales
Obviously the percentage earned are not as high as 1st tier but you can still make an extra few percent this way.

How do I sign up?
Simply visit our affiliate registration page

Banners & Links
Once you are signed up you can log into your affiliate control panel where you will find your unique code that should be used when linking to our website. You can download banners and upload them to your own website.
You can also create text links that can be used for linking to our website.

If you prefer to use text links these can also be found at the bottom of the banners page.

How do I sign up?
Simply visit our affiliate registration page

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