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Real reviews from real customers..
Testimonial From Julian, London -
2 Inches in Growth in 3 Months

Provimax does what it says on the tin.

It was well known amongst my circle of friends that I had a small penis. I used to be the centre of all the banter and jokes if anyone mentioned a small not but all of this changed since I have been using Provimax.

Since my friends discovered I am now bigger than them they want to know my secret.

Testimonial From Andrew, Yorkshire
1.5 Inches in Growth in just 2 Months

Thank you Provimax for helping me find the confidence I had lost over the years. Before taking vimax I used to shy away and not talk to girls on a night out but thanks to Provimax I feel like a new man again.

Real reviews from real customers ...
Anonymous London -
1 Inches in Growth in 3 Months

I only gained 1 inch after taking Provimax for over 3 months. Although I was disappointed with just 1inch growth I am still very happy because my sex life has changed a lot. I now have sex several times a week and can last all night. My girlfriend has noticed a big change in my performance, now she was sex more often!!!

Testimonial From Ben, Shouth Sheilds
3 Inches in Growth in 5 Months

I used to hate getting into the showers after playing football at the weekend. I knew the rest of the team would see my small penis so I would make up all sorts of excuses for not getting changed with everyone else. Since taking Provimax I have been the first in the shower. I have even heard a few gasps when I see people looking now.

Testimonial From Sam J, Canada -
half inche Growth in 3 Months

For several years now I have struggled to come to terms with my poor sexual performance and below average penis size. Being gay i'm not looking for a huge penis, just an average size like everyone else.

My longest relationship is just 4 months and I am sure this is down to poor performance in bed.

I had tried several other pills with no joy before I turned to ProVimax. My sexual hunger is amazing. Not only did I experience solid hard erections but my stamina has increased as well. I was even surprised when I gain half an inch in length.

I found I feel like a new man again. Thanks Provimax.

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